Re-open your mind to the power of Google Wave!

Learning Activity Goal:

Participants will learn how to perform several functions in Google Wave that will help them interact, share information, and complete tasks with their colleagues

Executive Summary:

Team Awesome Executive Summary

Pre-work needed to engage in the Learning Activity:

-A Google Wave account
-Watch the Group Project (6mins 15 sec) tutorial
-Participant will fill out a Pre-activity Survey
-Participants will then log on to MindMaps to ‘sign-up’ for the tutorial that interests them.

Learning Activity:

-Participants will choose the Learning Activity of their choice.

-Participant will then create/participate in their own ‘Wave’ corresponding to the tutorial that they chose.
-Once the Learning activity has been completed, the participant will lastly fill out the Post-activity Survey.
-Tutorial lead will then go into Google Wave to assess the Wave created by the participants.

Final Google Wave Group Reflection:

Team Awesome Learning Activy Reflection