My Story

I am currently working in the Information Technology field specializing in IT Security. I've worked in various sectors, including the government, banking, insurance, healthcare and now credit services. My continual job focus is to identify situations, risks to the company so that we can sleep better at nights. I generally tell folks that I do 'computer' stuff because it gets too confusing even to myself when I describe what I do to another stranger or friend.

I graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Decision Science and Management Information Systems. (DMIS, but now known as Information Systems and Operations Management, ISOM) I spent part of my life at GMU in the greater Fairfax area (Virginia and the Washington DC Metro area) As much as I love it there, I went HOME to sunny California, Orange County, which is where I grew up and now ironically work in. (Costa Mesa)

I've graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in Master of Arts in Learning Technologies. (MALT) June 2010

During my free time, (which isn't often) I try to keep active. I incorporate volleyball, basketball, working out and walking the dog as my extracurricular activities.

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