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Welcome to our humble wedding page. It's been a real journey for us and we are looking forward to our next chapter as a married couple!


Our Story

June 21, 2003 - Our first date, dinner and a movie - (Daily Grill and Italian Job)

June 24, 2003 - Del Mar Fair (Won Debbie her first stuffed animal)

September 19, 2003 - The first official "I Love You" (Gotham Hall, Santa Monica)

October 2003 - 2008 - 5 years of growing up

November 9, 2008 - Engagement in Hawaii (Flat Island, Kailua)

2009 to 2011 - School/Stress/Work (Pepperdine University)

November 3, 2012 - Our Wedding


We've grown up together and have met many great friends along our journey.  The road has been extremely memorable and we will continue our next chapter as a married couple in November 2012. 

We thank everyone who's been there for us throughout our lives!  We would not be the couple that we are without the love from our family and close friends. 

Please also visit: http://www.weddingwire.com/debbieandmichael